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Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru

Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru
Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru - Kali ini saya share VLC Player terbaru. VLC Player adalah Software pemutar video dan audio yang cukup baik selain K-Lite Codec.
Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru ini mempunyai kelebihan antara lain :
  •     The modifications and corrections in OpenGL, including better color reproduction.
  •     Reworked module TV, performance returned to DVB-T and DVB-C.
  •     Fixed or improved with a variety of formats:
  •     Disk Blu-ray;
  •     Streaming video HLS;
  •     Containers and video formats MKV, VC1, MP4, Dirac;
  •     Audio tracks and files, AAC, MP3, MP2, MP2a, Vorbis, ALAC, VOC, MIDI, AU;
  •     Fixed some problems with sound, including volume control.
  •    Fixed errors in the interface and configuration management for keyboard and mouse when opening files.
  •     Fixed several bugs, leading to crashes.
  •     Adjustments were made in the web interface.
  •     Closed several security vulnerabilities.
  •     On Windows XP re-activated due to problems with DirectX drivers.
  •     A large number of improvements for Mac OS especially when cropping and  scaling, in the view menu and OSD; support for the new MacBook Pro with the display Retina.
  •     Updated the localization of the Ukrainian and Belarusian.
Silakan Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru dibawah ini:
Download VLC Player 2.0.2 Terbaru
( 21,6 Mb )
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