Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

USB Flash Backup + Patch

Anda sering meminjamkan flashdisk ke orang lain ?. Backup dulu file-file anda sebelum terjadi hal yang tidak diinginkan, seperti Corrupt, ataupun tidak sengaja diformat oleh teman anda. Dengan software ini anda dapat membackup file didalam flashdrive anda dengan cepat dan aman. Dapat juga membackup file-file di flashdrive anda secara otomatis dengan waktu yang bisa anda tentukan.

Features : 
  • User friendly interface for easy configuration.
  • Never worry about backing up again - USB Flash Backup is completely automatic.
  • Auto back up as USB drive is inserted - No key strokes or mouse clicks required.
  • Starts with Windows so you never forget to backup
  • Smart Back Up - Replacing only modified files
  • Create different user profiles for each user and each USB Flash drive.
  • Backup only to selected USB devices
  • Automatic Safe Removal of USB Storage Device (the only
  • USB backup software on the market with such a unique feature)
  • No software required on the USB pen drive or .NET framework installations - unlike our competitors products.
  • Automatically create and name folders on the USB drive (including date and time stamped)
  • U3 Smart Drive & Microsoft Vista Compatible
  • Stealth Mode - For silent backups
  • Backup Files and Folders Automatically to USB Drives &
  • storage devices - simply Sit back and backup.
  • Profile and USB device switching is automated - our smart
  • software recognises the user and the device.
  • Compress your files on the fly to your USB Storage Device
Download : 

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