Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012


Intro : C F-G C F-G C F-G-A G 2x F G
 E F E F E F E C B A B C

        C                 G               C
My friend just called me up to join his party
             C              G                     C
I found myself dressing up fine, just like the king
           F                                  C
My lady stepped beside me. Sexy, damn! She burned the place
            F                                     C
She whispered "I will never loose this night , ever"
             F                               C
Tequila's blasting out my mind. Everything's about going wild.
When I looked at you, my lady! You! My friend took you! I got drunk
Then nothing I can do.

Reff :
Falling down Fall fall falling down
Tease my head out loud
   D            G
Falling down Fall falling down
         C                  E
Keep my face against the wall
Falling down Fall fall falling down
             D                 F
Push the light against the clouds.
                     C             G
The night's going dark, totally dark
I'm all outta stars

   C                       A
Waiting for your lovely kiss that night
 F                    C
No one knew, I was lost in the park
       C                       D
And then I found someone to make me laugh
                 C             G
His eyes so bright, blew me away
He cares more than you

            F                                      C
When I returned, I could not leave his burning heart alone
                F                            C
I though you knew what it was that I had to do
               F                              C
Deep in my heart, he's got a million ways to go
And sure, I like.. The great new house, the brand new cars
Your friend is mine. And so what? nothing I can do

Back To Reff

F                                 C
Those who punish me are guilty babe
It's so great! Being a lady
Should I send you your make up bag?
Just to make you comfortable
I'm a normal girl, I am not the same
But I love his air con room
There's nothing wrong with me and than again, nothing I can do
I've got someone new, I keep walking thru
I wanna know how far is hell from you?
Hey!, I am not the winner of this race!
You have to be warmer than him actually.
Could you say "good luck" for my new destination ?.
You said you would be proud if I've done what's right for me.
oh no no no no no....bullshit!

Interlude : C
Back To Reff

                     F             G
The night's going dark, totally dark
                  C  G   C
I'm all outta stars

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