Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

Uninstall Tool 3.2.2 Build 5285 Full

Uninstall Tool - adalah software yang dapat Membuat Komputer Anda Bekerja Lebih Cepat. Uninstall Tool Ini adalah cara yang cepat, aman dan nyaman untuk menghapus aplikasi yang tidak dibutuhkan dari komponen sistem. Alternatif, kuat dan dapat diandalkan untuk standar Windows Add / Remove program. Program ini memiliki banyak fitur dan pilihan mising dalam applet Microsoft. Alat Uninstall bekerja dengan KECEPATAN YANG TINGGI dan SEPENUHNYA dalam menghapus program dari komputer Anda.

  • Revised and improved User Interface (including new icons)
  • Secondary toolbar with addional functions (can be hidden)
  • Adjustable positions of toolbars (top/bottom/side)
  • Simplified and more convenient use of task panel (in the left of Uninstaller and Startup managers), added keyboard navigation for task panel controls
  • Automatic check for updates (optional) and new version dialog with 'what's new' list
  • Improved preferences dialog
  • New HTML report (both for Uninstaller and Startup manager)
  • Running different Windows Tools (Tools menu) 
  • Program preferences are always saved to the 'preferences.xml' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA\CrystalIdea Software\Uninstall Tool)
  • 90% of program code is rewritten/reviewed/optimize
  • Improved program stability

  • Uninstall Wizard: faster scanning
  • Uninstall Wizard: detection of running processes among found traces; termination on request
  • Better program listing, better icon detection
  • Ability to force stop uninstall processes (when third-party uninstaller is freezed)
  • Show recent items in the secondary toolbar (not in status bar) with grouping items (Apps/System/Hidden) in a popup menu
  • Improved cache algorithms
  • Improved search filter usage
  • List view with small icons looks better now
  • Google for program name (Ctrl+G) and its publisher (see 'Action' menu)
  • Uninstaller cache is now saved to 'CachedData.dat' file (located in CSIDL_APPDATA\CrystalIdea Software\Uninstall Tool). One can manually refresh the cache by simply pressing the Refresh button in the toolbar (F5)
  • Multiple items selection
  • Company column to display item's publisher/author
  • Google for program name (Ctrl+G), .exe name and publisher (see 'Action' menu)
  • Better way of handling situation when there're no items in the list
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